Guided Healing Breathwork Session-Via Zoom or Facetime

Guided Healing Breathwork Session-Via Zoom or Facetime

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45 min

Take a deep dive into the breath and experience how we can use it to create balance, harmony, freedom and joy... from the comfort of your own home!

This practice uses a 3-part breath, or triad breathing, all done through the mouth. It consists of 2 inhalations through the mouth and one relaxed exhalation through the mouth.

This breath moves stuck energy and blockages. It will help you purge and release anything that is holding you back from your truest highest self.

You will leave feeling elated, light, peaceful, grounded, and high on life!

You will be sent a link for the appointment time where Shawna will meet with you. You can lay on your couch, a yoga mat or your bed. You can set up your smartphone, computer or tablet in front of you so I can see you. You’ll need a bolster or a couple pillows for under your legs, and eye cover if you’d like and also if you’d like to pick two rocks or crystals to hold during the session that would be great too. I just ask there is nothing under your head you need to be laying flat.

I will teach you how to use the breath and guide you through a session accompanied by music to breathe through and move stagnant energy from your being.


*If you are/think you may be pregnant or have a severe uncontrolled physical/mental health condition, this practice is strongly not recommended.

The session will be recorded for you to use again.

**NOTE: Once payment is processed you will receive and order confirmation email. Once I have the information confirmed, I will email you to book your time and send the Zoom meeting link.