Aries Full Moon

Full Moon In Aries 2020



 October 1, 2020 at 9:56 AM PST will mark the Full Moon at 7° of  Cardinal Fire sign Aries. We want to always look at the aspects of the full moon to unpack just what these energies mean for us. With all full moons it is a total illumination from the Sun in the  opposite sign shining on our shadow, showing something to celebrate or something to release. Sometimes both.  A full moon can make many different aspects. In this case though the moon is only conjunct (next to) Chiron Rx “The wounded healer”. We always want to look at what the ruling planet of a moon, in this case, Mars is doing. Mars is retrograde; he has been squaring Saturn and Pluto and has been involved in a Grand Fire Trine recently with Venus in Leo and the South Node in Sagittarius. 

This is a time of healing. This is a time for looking things in the face. This is a time to pay attention to messages.


Aries Moon conjunct Chiron Rx opposite Sun in Libra- Chiron is where we find our “Superpower” There are a lot of gifts coming online for us right now and when Chiron is retrograde we can see where we have been sabotaging ourselves in a sense, doing the same thing over and over. We can see this for ourselves and in the collective. What are we going to do about the way we go about things? How will we take our greatest gifts and use them as an example to heal ourselves and others. Aries energy moves straight ahead as a leader. Libra, where the sun is opposing, is ruled by Venus which is a balancing relational energy with all. Use this energy to pioneer healing creation for the greater good. Be the change you want to see. Release the rest.  It is time.



Square Saturn- This has been a building aspect of Mars that becomes exact just before this full moon day. Coincidence? No. A square is an energy that needs to get resolution on something. Saturn is integrity, karma, timelines, your work in the world. Mars is how you move through it, retrograde mars feels held back. This is a time of great endurance. But with awareness. Maybe those blocks or resistances you've been feeling are just the sign to show you that isn't the way. If feeling any frustration don't take it lightly. Take a break, Investigate, observe. Don't miss the message. Do it differently.

Square Pluto- This is where it becomes a little gut wrenching. This is where we purge. We can see where our deepest desires are being reached or not. In this aspect we have the two rulers of Scorpio Squaring each other. This can feel like an inner battle. Not one where you give up... The one where you let go.  Don't shrink away from the pain but let go of the need to control. Have acceptance for just being in it. Being in the here and now...Keen to the TRUTH and you will see the path start to rise and become more clear. 

Sextile the North Node- This is the promise of the opportunity to step further into your destiny. The North Node represents that path. A sextile is ALWAYS an energetic opportunity. It is harmonious energy but it needs to be ACTIVATED. You, taking the initiative. You letting go of control. You paused to stop, really seeing. You using that new information you've been open to receiving. The North Node is in Gemini Mutable (changeable) Air. Let it come in let it flow...transmute change and grow.

Trine the South Node- This is a very STRONG influence in the sky. Remember Mars is retrograde. This is a cause for pause. South Node in Mutable Fire Sagittarius is flooding in old beliefs, old opinions, old epiphanies...this is leaving the door open to learn from the past, changing beliefs, changing patterns. Take what works. SEE where you've been fooled or led to believe something just doest work. Something that just isn't true.  Expand your mind. Explore your inklings. 


Grand Fire Trine-

Fire is spirit. Fire is passion. Fire is creation.  Mars in Aries starts it out, Trine Venus is Leo in Venus is relationships receptive energy passion that Fixed Leo keeps it burning. Then Mutable fire of Sagittarius… what we know is changing.

 Let it burn, let it change, let it glow. Use that Fire wisely.



In a nutshell there you have it the energy of the Aries Full Moon. Don't let blockages be a full on No. Let it be a redirect. Let this time be about awareness and where you'll release rigidity and conformity. Where you'll blaze your path with the higher truth and knowledge that is so rightfully yours. You just have to activate it. Then you can use it.  Pause, observe, connect, heal, grow and you'll bring the glow. 


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Blessings to you all  for a beautiful Aries Full Moon!!!

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